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            Summer Term 2019


Term begins Monday  April 29th. See below for all of  next term's dates.

Sessions are as follows: 1. April 29th.

                                      no session May 6th Holiday

                                       2.   May 13th. 3. May 20th.

                                     no session May 27th holiday

                                       4. June 3rd.  5. June 10th.

                                       6. June 17th. 7. June 24th. 

                                       8. July 1st. 9. July 8th

     and last session       10. July 15th

                                     We'll start again in September.





People are invited to join in with painting,  drawing,  batik,  silk-screen printing,

monoprinting,  and many other ways of making pictures.



We also work in 3D using clay, plaster and other materials




 We have made  3 animations with artist Matt Smith and a film "Making Faces" with Lintel Films.



We have worked with a dancer    working with a dancer