Creative Writing with Cynthia Fuller





We were delighted to welcome poet Cynthia Fuller to MAG to do some creative writing with the group.

We have never worked with a writer before and it  proved to be a very positive experience and provided group members with new ways of expressing themselves, combining words and pictures.

Cynthia's gentle promptings and calming presence helped the group to produce some lovely writing and provided us with a new creative angle. 

 The group also made fold out books. We hope to display these in an exhibition  as well as print all the creative writing that was made during the residency including a piece written by Cynthia in response to spending time with MAG.


          Jason's Minotaur

It was a fierce creature

It lived in a cave

It is like an animal

but like a person as well.

It has legs with hooves and a stringy tail.

It has pointy ears 

and curly hair,

but its face is like 

a person's face.